We need a union that will deliver more for us than a couple of KN95 masks for four days of lost pay

We need a union that puts Members First

On May 20, we have the opportunity to vote for change

It’s not easy working in Chicago’s public schools today. 


We are the educators who do this work because we care deeply about the children we serve. 


The heart-wrenching effects of the pandemic, gun violence and poverty play out in our classrooms each and every day.


Having a union that delivers for us is essential, but that just isn’t what we have today. 


The current leadership of the CTU sees work stoppages and strikes as the first step, and not the last one. 


They are far more focused on advancing their own political careers than delivering for us.


If you believe we can do so much better – then vote for change.


Members First is that change. We are a diverse group of members that want our union to focus on delivering for members first - to improve our jobs and protect our hard-earned pay and benefits. We promise transparency in everything we do.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure the best educational outcomes for our students.


With a change in leadership we can deliver on:

  • $750 for supplies and a streamlined process for reimbursements

  • Increase in pay to surpass rising inflation

  • Strengthen benefits including expanded vision and dental

  • Bring back the 30 minute morning prep

  • Hire more field representatives to improve contract enforcement and better serve members

  • Ensure all CPS work is pensionable

  • Smaller classroom sizes

  • Change residency requirements

  • Full transparency on how CTU spends member dues

  • Improve cleanliness in schools

  • Create a strike fund

  • Make CTU staff accessible to all members

  • Enhanced mentoring for new teachers

  • Expand vocational education programs

  • Enhanced maternity leave


Ready for change?

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CTU Members across Chicago are ready for change


What Members First is fighting for

Members First Chicago is focused on improving learning conditions for our students and working conditions for our members. We believe there is no shame in fighting for fair raises and benefits that allow our members to have long careers in education. Members First demands transparency, financial stability, and healthy checks and balances to keep our union strong.


Members First believes in a CTU that is member-driven. The PSRPs, Clinicians and Teachers work tirelessly in schools under difficult conditions. Too many of our schools are not clean, well maintained and are constantly plagued by insects and rodents. Our members deserve to have the best representation, protection and service that CTU can provide. The current CTU leadership has greatly tarnished our reputation to the general public.


CTU members deserve higher salaries and better benefits. Salaries should begin high and include a healthy raise every year until retirement. A generous benefit package is essential to attract and retain our members. Our pension is our retirement and should be robust. 


The dues paying members demand transparency and accountability. The current practice of not allowing members to question the Chief Financial Officer about the budgets presented allows spending to go unquestioned. All the financial transactions made by the CTU, the CTU PACs and the CTU Foundation should be available for members to review. Records should be posted in a timely manner and available upon request. Our union should go above and beyond any government requirements in a commitment to transparency. 


The financial stability of our union is a major concern for our members. Out of control donations to political races and other unchecked spending has eliminated our reserves. Best practice is to create a smart and realistic budget made in the interest of our current members and the future of our union. The CTU Constitution and By-laws provides for checks and balances if properly executed. To date, there is no mechanism to make the officers accountable for spending the CTU Foundation’s money. This must be remedied via our Constitution and By-laws.


We believe in democracy. Our members count on all of us to be unionist. There are processes that have not been followed; and as a result, these processes have been broken down or manipulated in recent years to give current leadership the power to use union resources to further their personal agendas. We need to fight together to win. Our union needs to balance the use of its resources to support our members and to address the social injustices that impact our students, families and communities.


Our contract is the foundation for our protection. Pay increases and benefit improvements need to be gained. Safety in our classrooms needs to be a priority or the system will continue to lose members. We need smaller class sizes for our students that will promote a healthy learning environment. A fair and just evaluation process is needed for our tenured teachers who have been targeted by principals and the restraints of Student Based Budgeting. 


We must fight the closing of neighborhood schools. School closures have been damaging to our most vulnerable students, our members and school communities. Members First pledges to fight for equitable funding for our most impoverished communities.


Members First believes in fighting for the schools and city we all deserve. Our members work hard every day to educate the students of Chicago. Our members help students overcome poverty, injustice and prejudice on a daily basis. Our members are an intelligent, dedicated and diverse group of teachers, PSRPs and clinicians. We deserve the best from our union!